Christian Bale Movies on Netflix

For some reason, “Ryan Gosling Movies on Netflix” has endured as by far the most popular post on my site.  Ironic, I think, considering the post is no longer accurate  — only All Good Things remains.  Too bad, but that’s the here today, gone tomorrow nature of Netflix.  And also a little funny that that’s my most popular post; I think it’s hitting Google when people search, which they could just as easily do directly on Netflix.

Christian Bale movies - text blockWith that, I wanted to point out two outstanding Christian Bale films currently on Netflix.  A friend of mine and I disagree on who’s the better actor – Ryan Gosling or Christian Bale.  It’s clear to me that Gosling has demonstrated greater breadth, but Bale is no slouch.

The first Christian Bale film I wanted to highlight is American Psycho, the visionary masterpiece I wrote about in 2013.

When you’ve had adequate time to recuperate from that, check out The Machinist [prior post].  It is not quite the complete triumph of American Psycho, but it’s still a great film.

Netflix includes a handful of lesser Christian Bale films, such as Out of the Furnace.  But American Psycho and The Machinist by themselves are worth six months of a Netflix subscription.


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