From Iran: About Elly

From now on, I think I’ll go with my instinct rather than Rotten Tomatoes when it comes to deciding on what foreign About Elly - poster smallfilms to watch.  It’s been either off the mark or completely out of the ballpark with [prior posts] The Blue Room, Blue is the Warmest ColorLeviathan, Two Days, One Night… and now About Elly.  Foreign?  Must be good!  Critics have hailed About Elly as “outstanding” and a “masterpiece.”  Puh-leease.  And these guys get paid.  Another example of backwardsville.

About Elly is not all bad.  It held a line of tension, and therefore my attention, through the whole film.  A mystery resolved as unsatisfyingly as it is concocted nonetheless offers a point of interest.  That mystery, and a visit to Iran comprise this film’s assets.

I checked the translation, and as far as I can tell About Elly is an accurate representation of the Persian title.  Which is to say, a bit lame — just like the movie.  4/10


3 thoughts on “From Iran: About Elly

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