Buh-Bye, Android

As someone who has long held that the pushers of Android have a reservation waiting for them at the seventh gate of Hell, I was amused at yesterday’s very good New York Times article on the state of Google’s mobile OS, which arrived just in time to rain on the Google I/O parade.  Two things I didn’t know that stand out:

 Of Google’s mobile search ad revenue, “about 75 percent” comes “from ads on iPhones and iPads.”

Love it!  And, earlier in the same paragraph, this juicy tidbit:

 “Google pays billions [emphasis mine] to Apple to make its search engine the default search provider for iOS devices”

Google better hope that Apple doesn’t turn that spigot off.  After stabbing Apple in the back, Google must now genuflect before its master.

Buh-Bye - skit image

One of SNL’s best skits 


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