VOD Log: Big Fish

Big Fish - poster smallBig Fish is sweet, and charming, and lovely.  And dull.  Given the open-ended framework, there should have been much more.  Most major critics were no more impressed than I; Richard Corliss, Time:

Big Fish makes a big push for transcendence, but the strain shows. It’s like trying to push a daydream uphill.

Big Fish - text block

A.O. Scott (with whom I usually disagree), the Times:

But the most curious thing about this magical-realist fable… is how thin and soft it is, how unpersuasive and ultimately forgettable even its most strenuous inventions turn out to be.

Roger Ebert didn’t care for it either.  Big Fish attempts to cast a magical glow in the way that Forrest Gump or The Princess Bride did, but both the story and its ability to awe fall short.  5/10

Comparison Notes: True Stories, Forrest Gump, The Princess Bride


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