Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Mad Max: Fury Road bears little resemblance to the rough-hewn postmodern indie western introduced in 1979.  The charm of those indie elements is gone, in a way not dissimilar to the progression of the original Star Wars to the more polished versions that arrived later.  Mad Max 2015 is a mostly non-stop bundle of energy, frenetic, entertaining, and, at the end, utterly transient.

Mad Max did not impress me as much as the critics, but I liked it.  It’s straight and to the point, an overt escape film with nothing to complicate matters.  6/10

* * *

FX:  The Verge ran an article showing frames before and after special effects were applied.  The Verge article links to a much more extensive one at, for those interested.  Be aware of possible spoilers.

Mad Max - fx screenshot from The Verge

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