Docu Log: Hot Girls Wanted

Hot Girls Wanted - posterHot Girls Wanted documents the “amateur porn” industry by following a few girls who are chewed up and spit out by it.  Though the subject matter is powerful stuff, the filmmaking is fairly mundane, like reality television gone explicit.  As the situation steadily devolves for the ‘actors,’ the movie becomes more compelling in its intimate portraits, enough so that I was tending toward a marginal recommendation.

Then the following night I watched the Frontline episode on solitary confinement within US prisons (see next post) and was reminded of what good documentary filmmaking is like.  It helps to have a good narrator instead of just throwing text on the screen.

I will credit Hot Girls Wanted for sparking this thought: how twisted is it that prostitution is illegal, yet porn — which can be much worse — is perfectly legal?  5/10


2 thoughts on “Docu Log: Hot Girls Wanted

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