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So I finally saw a Melissa McCarthy movie… The adverts for Identity Thief and Heat were very effective, but reviews were hardly enthusiastic, so I stayed away.  It was apparent that McCarthy had a natural comic ability, though what the point of Mike & Molly is I have yet to figure out.  They best I’ve got: two fat people can star in a highly mediocre sitcom (?).  Her partner on the show contributes zippo, and it seems McCarthy’s fortes are deliberately buried.

Then Spy came along, and enjoyed universal critical praise.  It looked derivative and trite, but a 95% Tomatometer rating pushed me to see it.

And the critics aren’t wrong.  Spy is fun and somehow involves us in the plot even though we know all along it’s a big farce.  The humor wasn’t belly-splitting, ROFL, Austin Powers or Apatow-level, and I think McCarthy’s foul mouth is relied on a little too much, but there are enough good jokes, combined with a decent storyline and engaging characters, to yield a recommendation. 7/10


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