B-Movie Log: Triangle

Triangle - poster med

IT’S BAD ENOUGH that the Tomatometer is so wildly off for many bigger films, now I’ve found out that I need to be careful with tiny ones.  Triangle was the sort of movie I was in the mood for, and with Apple Movies was telling me it had an 82% score, I went ahead and sprung for it.

Only afterwards did I find out no real consensus existed, and that only 2 “Top Critics” had reviewed it.  That’s how small it was.  Triangle begins with a rather fake setup and some blatantly bad acting, but then gets better as the story sets in.  But you can do a lot better in the horror/thriller genre, and the (SPOILER ALERT!) doppelgängler genre — try instead Mulholland Dr., the generally underrated Secret Window, or Moon.  I like the poster though.

Before jumping on those Tomato scores, make sure some critics you respect (like me) have given the thumb’s up.  A few positives yield a 4/10.


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