Mr. Holmes, Not to Presume

Mr Holmes - poster

TWO AND ONE-HALF rather weak sub-stories do not add up to anything greater.  The tag line “The Man beyond the Myth” is disingenuous malarkey.  Had the story, wrought from the premise of Sherlock Holmes as a real character, yielded something worthy of said premise, I would be more forgiving.

So let me be clear: when I say disingenuous, I mean it pisses me off.  I know there is no “true story” here, and it’s not as bad as the lie told by Silver Linings Playbook‘s marketing.  Nonetheless, fake sanctimonious sentimentality irks me.

And it irks me because of the worst crime of all:  Mr. Holmes was dull dull dull.  My admiration of Ian McKellen, and a certain, very slight charm, are the only things preventing a worse rating.  4/10


2 thoughts on “Mr. Holmes, Not to Presume

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