Art and Craft on PBS POV

Art and Craft movie - poster

Wanted to point out this interesting documentary about Mark Landis, a quirky and talented art forger.  A few (not all) of the twists in this one: first, he gave away his forgeries to museums.  He never sought financial gain.  Secondly, this Landis is quite a character.  He has some mental health issues and is something of a hoarder, but then he goes out and hoodwinks intelligent people, sometimes in the guise of a priest.  Clever man, fascinating and contradictory.

And then there’s the museum worker who made tracking Landis down his obsession — much to his own detriment.  This is a fun little film.  I missed the first few minutes, and didn’t realize at first it was a full-length feature, so no rating — but I recommend it.

Art and Craft had a limited theatrical release, and is now available online via the PBS POV website and VOD app (site states available until Oct. 25); also available for rent on iTunes and other sources.


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