Film Brief: The Martian

The Martian - poster small“Bring Him Home” the poster pleads.  If there were any inkling of doubt at all, there might be some actual drama.  But there’s not, and the whole thing is an utter bore.  Or put another way…

Those who appreciate good science, good fiction, or good science fiction won’t find much to like in The Martian.  On the other had, the enormous popularity of the picture demonstrates how subjective “good” is.  But then, a lot of people thought George Bush was a good president.  For me, what a yawner.  And I mean literally.  It’s remarkable how each film Ridley Scott produces sinks below his prior effort.  2/10

Comparison Notes (each recommended, and stratospheres better than The Martian): Gravity, Moon

PS  This guy’s a botanist, but he didn’t bring any seeds?  Gimme a break!


2 thoughts on “Film Brief: The Martian

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