A Room to Grow In

Room 2015 - poster

Room is a powerful indie about the strength of the human spirit.  And it’s darn good.  I knock it down a peg for a tinge of actoryness / formula in the second half, and the fact that the second half feels just a bit draggy compared to the exceptional tension built up in the first half.  The most dramatic moment in a movie should not be at the half-way point.

But I forgive it not following a conventional plot curve, because we’re talking about real life (“Plucked from the headlines!”, as it were).  Kenneth Turan:

“Room” is several things by turn: creepy, frightening, exhilarating and then frightening and exhilarating all over again

Despite its very limited shortcomings, Room is outstanding.  Another terrific realization by A24 Films.  8/10

Comparison Notes: Not Recommended: Life is Beautiful (could learn a lesson from Room); Recommended: Captain Phillips, Blindness, Boyhood


5 thoughts on “A Room to Grow In

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