Film Brief: Brooklyn

Brooklyn poster smallIn the opening moments of Brooklyn, I was thinking this is a real sleeper.  Not in the sense of a sleeper hit, but in the sense of YAWN.  After a bit, though, the movie falls into something of a groove, if a rather sappy one.  But it slips out of this higher gear soon enough.

Put another way, Brooklyn is a great movie for people who don’t like much to happen in a movie.  And as snide as that may sound, I am quite serious. It’s received universal praise, so obviously a lot of people have been struck by it.  Me, not so much.  There is a certain rather slight charm, and a little growing tension toward the end, so I didn’t hate it or anything.  But if you’re looking for power or eloquence, look elsewhere.  4/10

Comparison Notes (both much better choices): Ever After, Local Hero


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