VOD Log: Bridesmaids

I caught the dress shop scene in Bridesmaids a couple times on TV, and laughed enough to add the movie to my queue.  I had been led to believe — by that scene and all the film’s marketing — that this was going to be an ensemble comedy, but it’s not.  It’s the Kristen Wiig story.  And it’s not very funny, as it attempts to balance its humor with a more serious romantic story in the vein of Enough Said, Trainwreck, or The 40-Year-Old Virgin.  Ms. Wiig also co-wrote the movie, which is part of the problem.    When it comes to comedy writing — at least of the feature-length variety, Kristen Wigg is no Judd Apatow, and she’s not even half-way to Amy Schumer.

As far as Ms. Wiig’s performance: I like her in supporting roles — her tiny stint in Knocked Up was hilarious.  But she can’t carry a film by herself.  More ensemble work on screen was desperately needed here.  A little more Melissa McCarthy and a lot more Rebel Wilson would have improved the end product immensely.

As we learned from The Other Woman, comedy is tough.  I didn’t hate Bridesmaids, but it is a broken film.  My initial reaction was a marginal thumbs-down, but after a few days my thoughts have soured.  4/10


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