Sully Forth!


It’s a challenge to present a story that’s dramatic when the audience knows what happened, but that’s exactly what Clint Eastwood pulls off here.  Before looking into it I wrote next: “And a big part that success is that unless you followed the case closely, you don’t know what happened.”  But as I often do with “true story” films, I looked into the depiction of events in the film as compared to the facts, and it seems that Eastwood may have inserted his political views into the film; Wikipedia:

Stephen Cass, writing in the left-leaning UK paper The Guardian, declared that “In depicting government investigators as petty and clueless, the Hudson plane crash film trumpets a libertarian worldview at the expense of passenger safety”,[60] noting that “It’s not hard to see why this tack appealed to strident libertarian Eastwood”

If you are interested, and why wouldn’t you be, I recommend reading the entire section.  Based on Sullenberger’s statements, it might be that the film adhered to the actual events a little more than Cass asserts.  That is, the truth may lie somewhere in-between.


I have mixed feelings about movies that take liberties with true stories, but for the most part I’m more interested in seeing a good movie than worrying about how completely objective it is.  This isn’t a documentary, after all.  As I always pipe in my blog: story matters.  So give me a good one.

And Eastwood — whom I’ve called “a model of inconsistency” — delivers here.  Sully was not masterful in its execution (“mastery” is a high bar to pass for me), but the dramatic story worked well.  And something I wasn’t expecting: it touched me.  Not deeply to my very core, but nonetheless it touched me.

One more thing I learned during the end credits — which you’ll want to stick around for, as they feature footage of the real Sully: Eastwood composed the theme music.  Surprised me there — I didn’t know he was a musician too!  Say what you will about his ridiculous political involvements (the empty chair episode, e.g.), he is one of the most prolific entertainers of all time.  8/10

Comparison Notes (both recommended): Flight, Captain Phillips


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