Film Brief: The Accountant [u]


Just as quickly as The Accountant builds up periods of true entertainment, it dashes them on the rocks.  Sort of like when the Chargers are up by 3 touchdowns going into the fourth quarter: you know they’re going to lose.  5/10

Notes: Comparison: strangely enough, I didn’t think of any other films when watching this one.  Maybe because in the dull moments I was thinking of enchiladas.  Other: Normally I don’t include the trailer for movies I don’t recommend, but I hold no animosity toward The Accountant.  I was very fond of certain moments and most of the cast — centered on Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick.  But as I said the film was bungled… or fumbled, to draw back the Chargers analogy.

You could even say it’s some kind of masterpiece compared to the dismal Girl on the Train.

UPDATE (1/28/17) — Yes they dropped the ball here.  But there’s a nice entertainment factor that shouldn’t be wiped away.  And Anna Kendrick… gotta love her.  6/10


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