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Why do I need to write a movie blog?
I have not found any one film critic out there, or a collection of them, that can faithfully serve to recommend films to me that I like.  Ultimate case-in-point: Lawrence of Arabia.  One of the most lauded films of all time.  Well I saw it for the first time, admittedly on my HDTV and not in a theater, and was impressed by the music and not much else.  I would suggest to those that think this is a great movie – revisit it and don’t let your childhood memories prejudice you.  The movie is completely broken on a couple key fronts, to the point I give it a big thumbs down.  Great score though.

I haven’t looked for it, but I don’t think a lot of people out there are panning Lawrence of Arabia.  So that is why I am writing about movies – I have a unique perspective which combines with the unique set of movies I have seen for a valuable set of movie recommendations and criticism that you won’t find anywhere else.

And it’s obvious… I LOVE movies.  But the movies I love are the great ones, and the good ones I like but don’t love.  There are a ton of mediocre or outright bad flicks out there, but there are also so many great ones.  Those that I have come across that I like I intend to share in my writings.

“Spolier Alerts”
This blog is intended primarily as a source of recommendations of movies to watch.  And most good movies are disserved by recommendations or reviews that give away juicy plot elements, even those which occur early-on in the film.  So I plan not to do that in this blog.  There is movie criticism that I would like to offer which will require opening the door to a movie’s secrets, but should I endeavor in that regard I will disclose my intentions upfront with some sort of “spoiler alert.”

LINKS = Recommendations?
I am using movie title links to IMDb to for one main purpose: To provide a quick guide within a blog post of what I am recommending.  If it’s got a link, I recommend it.  If it doesn’t have a link, I am not necessarily recommending against it, rather it may not be within the subject matter of my post.  E.g., I may reference The Wizard of Oz as a point of comparison.  But you won’t find it linked.  Of course I recommend The Wizard of Oz, but that’s not why this blog is here – who hasn’t seen and adored The Wizard of Oz?.  Otherwise, no link means I am recommending against it.  Also note that the link will only appear upon the first mention of a movie within a post.  Hope that’s not confusing.  It will be obvious with any post of what I like and what I don’t.

One more thing… agree, disagree, both or neither… I hope you can get something out of my posts.  Comments are always welcome.

Mark K. Adams

13 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Hi Mark K Adams,

    Happy April to you and to your new blog! Since this is the very first comment here since your blog’s inception, SoundEagle would like to wish you a new dawn and an even better year of learning and discovery in 2013 for you!

    SoundEagle hopes that you continue to do very well and find fulfillment in whatever you enjoy doing and savouring, especially through your talent in providing satisfactory movie reviews, a worthwhile goal in which “[t]his blog is intended primarily as a source of recommendations of movies to watch”.

    By the way, there is a typo in your introduction above: “panning”. It should be “penning”.

    SoundEagle hopes that you will review “Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. Please kindly notify SoundEagle when you do. Thank you.

    • Oh, and about “panning” — this is what I meant, as in to give a negative review. Thanks for your careful observations, though. I look forward to more comments on any of my posts…

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