B-Movie Log: Triangle

Triangle - poster med

IT’S BAD ENOUGH that the Tomatometer is so wildly off for many bigger films, now I’ve found out that I need to be careful with tiny ones.  Triangle was the sort of movie I was in the mood for, and with Apple Movies was telling me it had an 82% score, I went ahead and sprung for it.

Only afterwards did I find out no real consensus existed, and that only 2 “Top Critics” had reviewed it.  That’s how small it was.  Triangle begins with a rather fake setup and some blatantly bad acting, but then gets better as the story sets in.  But you can do a lot better in the horror/thriller genre, and the (SPOILER ALERT!) doppelgängler genre — try instead Mulholland Dr., the generally underrated Secret Window, or Moon.  I like the poster though.

Before jumping on those Tomato scores, make sure some critics you respect (like me) have given the thumb’s up.  A few positives yield a 4/10.


Lindsay Lohan Train Wreck

The Canyons is a new low-low-budget indie with Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen.  It looks like it’s probably a train wreck of a movie, which is perfectly appropriate for Lindsay Lohan.  Although there is some good, veteran Hollywood talent involved, I doubt I’ll bother to watch it.  But it has generated a couple positive by-products: a worthwhile Times review, which brings comparisons and always-welcome attention to the great classics Sunset Boulevard and Mulholland Drive.  In her review, Manohla Dargis calls the film:

a dispiriting, unpleasurable work punctuated with flashes of vitalizing vulgarity. It isn’t a good movie in terms of the conventional norms (acting for starters), but it also exhibits a crude integrity.

The Times published an even better, and extensive, magazine article on the movie’s making, colorfully depicting what it’s like at the desperate tail end of failed careers in the movie business, after those broken spirits have been chewed up and spit out, and are left hanging by a few threadbare lifelines.

The Canyons - on the set

Looking content on the set: the best acting of all?