Don’t Mess with el Machete!!

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I watched Machete in the theater when it was released, and I don’t remember exactly how much I liked it.  As such, I cannot give a recommendation per se, but I think you’ll probably have a good time if you like the trailer.  This is one of those movies where you know if it’s up your alley.  Mainly though, I just wanted to post a high-res image of the awesome poster!


Coming in August: Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

This looks like it could be good; it’s getting a lot of advance praise.  First with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, then with Side Effects [prior post], and now with this trailer, I am liking Rooney Mara more and more.  And the trailer makes me think of another film I liked Casey Affleck in, The Killer Inside Me (2010, with Jessica Alba and recommended).

I like the poster, too, though I expect to see a more conventional version around its release time…

Bodies Saints-poster

Click below for trailer at Apple:

Bodies Saints - trailer img

Killer Inside Me Poster

We Are Spirits… in the Material World

The last post focused on some excellent personal thrillers that stay in the ‘real world’.  Now for some movies that cross over into the super-natural.

First, a reminder of previous posts that highlighted films in this category, most notably The Ring.  And a comment on these type of movies:  The Ring is probably the best, scariest haunted spirit movie I have ever seen.  This is a genre I’m not necessarily a fan of.  I have seen so many previews where — at the end of the trailer — someone stares into a void and then, suddenly, out comes some sort of screaming banshee – a big ‘BOO’ moment.  Those ‘BOO’ moments can get tiresome, if for example it’s The Grudge and that’s all the movie can muster.

Screeching humanoid forms suddenly twisting and screaming out of the darkness:  One of the most scary things can be someone walking through a house where a tension exists — the tension of some evil bad guy about to pop out and catch the protagonist by surprise, no matter how prepared he may be.  This has got to be about the most Continue reading