Sleightly Nerve-Racking

I love independent, fun little dramas that give you a sense of not knowing where they are heading.  Sleight does that, and well.  There are some scientific and medical non-possibilities which weaken the final third of this brief film, but I love the whole street performer-with-multiple irons in the fire-angle.  7/10

Comparison Notes (all recommended): Nightcrawler, Dope, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, Gran Torino, Drive, Tangerine

* * *

UPDATE: I caught some the beginning parts of Nerve on TV, and was reminded of what a fun and fresh film it is, at least through the first half.  So an upgrade: 7/10.  Just don’t expect it to hold up all the way to the end.


VOD Log: An Honest Liar

An Honest Liar - poster

I felt An Honest Liar was good, compelling, and very interesting; ninety-five percent of what you want from a documentary.  But I knock it down a peg because the promise of The Amazing Randi as himself some sort of profound contradiction, or deception, went unfulfilled as far as I was concerned.  Still, recommended — and I like the title — it reminds me of The Unknown Known.  7/10

Availability: Netflix