Indie Log: Metro Manila

Metro Manila - poster
For some reason — maybe the poster artwork — I thought Metro Manila was going to be a highly stylized, slick action pic.  But it’s hardly anything of the sort; rather, it is a brutal, straightforward depiction of a family attempting to survive abject poverty in a place where it is readily commonplace.

Especially regarding the wife, Metro Manila avoided plumbing the ultimate depths it might have.  But make no mistake: this is a great, suspenseful foreign indie.  8/10

Availability: Netflix


Film Brief: Blue Ruin

Blue Ruin - poster large

I love how Blue Ruin starts, and this little indie thriller holds up well throughout.  It’s well made, taut and engrossing, but unfortunately treads well-worn plotlines too much.  If you have NetflixBlue Ruin - text block and would like a quick suspense film, this one will fit the bill.  A theater showing probably would have bumped this one up a notch; home viewing yields a 7/10.