Cielo Dr., Spahn Ranch & Hollywood

The early critical response is way up there.  The only potential downside is just that: a letdown given great expectations.  Tarantino has made one great film after another, so I’m hopeful — this year has been full of dogs so far.  Opens July 26.

The Witch not of Halloween

This is the kind of Halloween movie I can get into.  I saw the trailer a couple months back, so was expecting it by the fall, but it’s not to be — we’ll have to wait until the end of February.  Perhaps because of the crowded field of horror films this fall.

It’s from A24, which is a good sign.

OH — and speaking of Halloween — the original Halloween (1978) is finally available via iTunes rental.  I’ve never seen it, so expect a report forth-with.  I saw a chunk on TV and became quite fascinated.

A Pigeon on a Branch is Just Getting Started

Looks like a lot of potentially good and/or interesting films are coming up… which could make up for the relative desert we’ve been in so far this year.  This is but a small sampling, so explore iTunes for more.  The first one below makes me want to learn Swedish.

Click or tap on each image for trailer; shown below (top to bottom) are A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence, The Wolfpack, Manglehorn, and Glass Chin.

A Pigeon Sat -- trailer image iTunesThe Wolfpack - site imageManglehorn - trailer image - iTunesGlass Chin -- trailer image - iTunes

Trailer: The Theory of Everything

EVERY TIME THE MACHINE VOICE kicks in, I get goose bumps.  I should have posted this one earlier; my apologies.  If you’ve been to the movies in the last couple months then you’ve already seen a version of this trailer; it took a couple times to work its way into me.  As followers of my blog may recall, the  last trailer that seeped slowly but deeply in was that for Men, Women & Children.  I think we are safely assured that we’ll have something better to see with this one.

Michael Keaton and Edward Norton on Charlie Rose

The early returns on Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s Birdman are in, and it is hitting universal praise.  I’ll be seeing it soon enough and will report on it then; in the meantime, the director and veteran actors Michael Keaton and Edward Norton appeared on Charlie Rose.  And check out the Charlie Rose website for other interviews with luminaries inside entertainment and out — there is no better talk show.  If you bear with an annoying 30-second ad, you will be treated with an alternate trailer at the beginning of the segment.

I Feel Love for Men, Women & Children

I love this trailer.  Those who have been to the movies in the last few weeks have probably seen it.  I saw it a couple times and was slow to react, but it got burned in my brain.  Why?  Largely because of the music, a sensual, slowed-down but equally mesmerizing version of the Donna Summer disco hit “I Feel Love”.

Apparently there’s a lot of covers of “I Feel Love”, mainly keeping up the pace — but this one by a group called the Plantains turns it into a haunting groove that syncs perfectly with the visuals.  The soundtrack for Men, Women & Children is not available, but when it is I hope the song is included.  It would help the movie, but as we’ve seen from Silver Linings Playbook, underhanded marketers will sometimes use music to promote a movie that isn’t anywhere to be found in the movie itself.

* * *

As much as I like the trailer it seems like a movie that could be either truly fabulous, or just as easily one where nothing much happens.  I’m hoping for the former.

iTunes Trailer

iTunes Trailer