10 of the Most Gorgeous Uses of Color in Film

I shared a video a while back about Stanley Kubrick’s use of red.  Commentary regarding color in film which includes movie clips is always a good thing.  I don’t necessarily agree with the opinions in this new tape; indeed that would be impossible since I haven’t seen a number of the movies.  CineFix YouTube post via Sploid/Gizmodo; article lists summary in each category.  See my post on The Fall.


Hitchcock’s Cameos

Hitchcock CameosJim Dalrymple, The Loop:

I’ve long been a fan of Alfred Hitchcock. Rear Window, North by Northwest, The 39 Steps, all great films, in my opinion. One of my favorite elements of Hitchcock’s filming was his Easter egg gift to his fans. He appeared in some form or another in every one of his movies. Usually, he was an extra in a scene with no lines. Sometimes, he was simply in a picture hanging on a wall.

Here’s a multipage article laying out all of those cameos. But there’s no substitute for seeing this for yourself. Watch the video below for a nice sampling. No, these are not all of them and yes, there are some typos, but I loved the effort. Gosh, Psycho, Strangers on a Train, The Man Who Knew Too Much. So many more.

You may look at the cameos in the video below; for more detail see Jim Dalrymple’s link above to filmsite.org — which by the way is a new site for me, and looks intriguing.  I’ll have to explore a little further.